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Weyerhaeuser for Builders

Weyerhaeuser for Builders

Building support you can lean on. With exceptional product performance and unparalleled support, you get the maximum benefits only Weyerhaeuser can offer. Build more efficiently and more profitably— without compromising.

We take the natural strength in wood and engineer it into dimensionally stable Trus Joist engineered wood products that resist warping, twisting, and shrinking. Predictable strength and consistency allow you to build structures with the superior workmanship homeowners seek and then brag about to others.

With access to software and the best engineering support in the industry, it’s easy to optimize material combinations intended to work together. So, you can achieve the performance your customers expect – with less waste – while still meeting your framing budget. Ensuring customer satisfaction reduces call backs and increases referrals.

Before, during, and after installation, our local support teams are available to answer questions and provide solutions — on site, if necessary. Less red tags mean less delay in finishing the structure.

High-quality products and our unsurpassed customer service give you the help and support needed to guarantee structural performance and deliver customers a home that will stand the test of time.

Builder Testimonials

Our choice of Weyerhaeuser as a strategic partner was the right decision. We have been especially impressed with the planning and provincial involvement that goes into your forestry decisions. We very impressed with the level of planning involved in executing correct forest management practices.
National builder
NextPhase is definitely a winning proposition. Not only should we save money on material costs and frame labor, but we can also reduce cycle time with no loss of quality.
National builder
Dealing with you has been a breath of fresh air.
Colorado builder
I want to build my house to minimize the chances of walls moving and windows leaking and doors sticking and sheetrock nails popping, etc. I am so very thankful that Weyerhaeuser helped develop a plan specific for me…I have learned a lot and am so appreciative of all of the players.
North Carolina builder
I can’t understand why everyone isn’t using this stuff.
Canadian contractor
It is rare for a company to have such a strong commitment to quality.
Tennessee builder