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Weyerhaeuser for Dealers

Weyerhaeuser for Dealers

Offer your customers the superior quality of Trus Joist engineered wood products, lumber, and OSB from Weyerhaeuser.

With more than 110 years devoted to wood research and technology, we take the natural strength in wood and engineer it into dimensionally stable products that resist warping, twisting, and shrinking. From the name you trust — a broad range of premium products you can rely on to provide strength and consistency while minimizing waste and maximizing efficiencies.

Providing the best customer service in the industry, though, means you can count on more than just our reputation. Access to software, engineering support, and field assistance from the most experienced sales representatives in the industry means the entire channel can deliver exceptional quality.

Dealer Testimonials

Each piece of lumber is internally graded by the integrity of the board, NOT just on appearance as other lumber is graded. The way the lumber is cut from the log and the grain structure determines how lumber may move after it is produced. Weyerhaeuser technology allows for decisions to be made as to how the log should be cut and whether or not the resulting product will be stable enough to wear the Framer Series label.
Southeast dealer
You have obviously put a great deal of thought into the organization of your yard, selection of equipment, personnel training and procedures. One can’t help but be impressed with the professionalism of your approach.
Virginia dealer
Once again, Weyerhaeuser stepped above and beyond to help us gain sales.
National dealer
You probably don’t get to see your sales team in action everyday. So I want to let you know that they are all doing a great job of taking care of your customers. The guys work great as a sales team and have an extremely unique blend of friendship and workmanship. They are all loyal to Weyerhaeuser and when anyone walks away from your dealer school, they are loyal to your company as well. Please pass on my thanks and support for the job y’all continue to do for us.
Georgia dealer
We really appreciate all the products and opportunities that are available to our company through our relationship with you…Both companies have put resources and a lot of hard work into preparing for the future. You do a great job for us providing great service and by keeping us informed and riding that leading edge in products and services.
North Carolina dealer