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Sustainable Forestry

As owners and stewards of millions of acres of forestlands we are committed to sustainable forestry. We replant to ensure the availability of forests for future generations. We manage our timberlands for wood production as well as soil stability, water quality, and wildlife habitat. These are sustainable forestry practices—and we are committed to them.
  • We created the nation’s first tree farm in 1941.
  • Our leadership in research and development enables us to produce trees that grow faster, straighter, and stronger.
  • Our investment in technology allows us to grow trees on the forestland we own at two to three times the rate of comparable unmanaged forests.
  • We harvest only 1–3% of the forests we manage every year.
  • 100% of our forests in the U.S. and Canada are independently certified to sustainable forestry standards.

Sustainable Forestry Policy

We’ve spent nearly a century developing ways to make sure we’ll never run out of wood—now and in the future. We believe that wood products should come from sustainably managed forests. To that end, we apply our sustainable forestry policy to every acre we manage. See our Sustainable Forestry Policy for more information, or learn more about Weyerhaeuser’s Sustainable Forest Management.

Wood Procurement

All Weyerhaeuser products manufactured in the U.S. and Canada, use trees grown here in North America. Almost 60% of those trees come from certified forests. All Weyerhaeuser timberlands in North America are third-party certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) forest management standard and all of our manufacturing facilities are third-party certified to the SFI Certified Sourcing Standard. This standard ensures that all of our wood fiber comes from legal and responsible sources. It also requires use of forestry best management practices and qualified logging professionals.

Standards and Certifications

Weyerhaeuser supports third-party certification of our forestry practices. We chose to use the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® standard for our U.S. and Canadian operations because it is accepted in the marketplace and satisfies our own and our customers’ procurement policies, reflects the legal institutions and requirements in North America, and offers the best fit with our management strategies to derive economic, environmental and social benefits from the forests we manage.

Environmental Management Systems For Our Timberlands

An environmental management system (EMS) defines how to effectively manage a facility’s environmental aspects—by setting clear objectives, documenting best practices, and establishing processes that promote continuous improvement and provide a record of performance against goals. To track performance and ensure we meet our goals, Weyerhaeuser implements and maintains environmental management systems that align with the requirements of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. Conformity to ISO 14001 is determined through Weyerhaeuser Internal EMS audits or actual third party certification to the ISO Standard.

Additional Information on Weyerhaeuser’s Timberlands and Sustainable Forestry Practices