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Weyerhaeuser for Homeowners


Peace of mind. Your house is more than a wood structure. It’s a home. You expect it to be safe, durable, and strong. But strong homes start with strong materials. Trus Joist engineered wood products from Weyerhaeuser deliver the superior performance that ensures your home’s structural integrity.

We take the natural strength in wood and engineer it into dimensionally stable products that resist warping, twisting, and shrinking—making framing material even stronger. Those consistently strong and straight materials will minimize squeaky or bouncy floors, cracked tile, or wavy walls. That’s performance with enduring value that you will appreciate every day.

And a limited lifetime warranty assures you that the superior structural performance that Trus Joist products offer will last for generations to come.

Exceptional product quality, unsurpassed support to builders throughout the build cycle, and a reputation for sustainability. For a home you can feel good about, demand Weyerhaeuser wood products.

Homeowner Testimonial

WOW. You guys did an amazing job. The floor is so quiet that it’s strange now walking around and not hearing footsteps! It was spooky walking in the room as there is not a single sound that comes from the floor. I do believe this is the quietest room in the entire house now.
Northwest homeowner