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Weyerhaeuser Radiant Barrier Sheathing (RBS)

When the sun beats down, the rays bounce off.

Heat from the sun radiates through the insulation into a home’s living spaces making the air-conditioning system work overtime. Power bills soar and spaces without air-conditioning become virtually unbearable. It doesn't have to be that way.

Weyerhaeuser Radiant Barrier Sheathing (RBS) comes pre-fabricated with a reflective foil layer that blocks more than 97%* of the sun’s radiant energy, minimizing heat transfer through the roof and insulation to interior living spaces. As an added plus, Weyerhaeuser RBS can even help keep unair-conditioned, uninsulated rooms like garages, workshops, and porches cooler, increasing a home’s usable space.

Installing a radiant barrier is an efficient, cost-effective way to help keep interior living spaces comfortable while saving energy costs. Weyerhaeuser RBS provides all these benefits with no additional labor or material hassles. Thanks to an innovative wood-resin combination, every Weyerhaeuser RBS panel is manufactured flat, installs flat and stays flat, and has been engineered to precise specifications to resist problems like cupping, warp, or sag. The radiant foil layer is perforated for ventilation, to protect against condensation and moisture build-up.

Benefits of RBS

  • Reflects up to 97%* of the sun’s radiant energy
  • Helps increase energy efficiency
  • Minimizes heat transfer to living spaces
  • Engineered for quality and consistency
  • Backed by Weyerhaeuser’s limited product warranty
  • Easy, one-step installation
  • Helps lower utility bills**
  • Improved indoor comfort
  • Cooler attics, garages, and porches
  • Less strain on attic-mounted appliances
  • Long-term reliable performance

* 97% reflectivity and 3% emittance measurements derived by using an infrared reflectometer on aluminum foil laminate in accordance with ASTM E408, Method A.
** Actual savings will depend upon local utility rates, home size and climate

How Weyerhaeuser RBS Works

How RBS Works
Foil-laminated Weyerhaeuser RBS panels reflect the sun’s radiant energy back outside, away from the attic and house. Up to 97%* of the sun’s radiant energy is transferred away from the home, significantly lowering attic temperatures and reducing the amount of energy needed to cool the home.

How Traditional Roof Sheathing Works

How Traditional Sheathing Works
Radiant energy transferred through standard roof sheathing creates heat build-up in the attic. With no barrier to restrict the heat, it radiates through the insulation into living spaces, causing room temperatures to rise. More energy is needed to cool the house, and that means higher energy costs for homeowners.

Product Literature

Design & Installation

Specifier’s Guide for Weyerhaeuser Radiant Barrier Sheathing (RBS)
N. America: OSB-4100

Product Overviews

Weyerhaeuser Radiant Barrier Sheathing (RBS)
N. America: OSB-4101


Weyerhaeuser Radiant Barrier Sheathing (RBS) Warranty
N. America: OSB-1003

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