TimberStrand Rim Board Application

TimberStrand LSL Rim Board

TimberStrand® LSL Rim Board is straight, strong and installs fast.

TimberStrand laminated strand lumber (LSL), is an engineered lumber that is always straight, true and consistent. These elements combine to create an excellent rim board material. Installation is fast and accurate. TimberStrand Rim Board is dimensionally stable and excels at transferring vertical and lateral loads to the foundation. It also provides an excellent attachment point for exterior decks. Sized to fit with TJI® joists, TimberStrand Rim Board is an important part of the floor system.

Product Literature

Design & Specification

Specifier’s Guide for Trus Joist Rim Board
United States: TJ-8000

Specifier’s Guide for TimberStrand LSL Rim Board Stair Stringers
North America: TJ-8003


Trus Joist TimberStrand LSL Warranty
N. America: TJ-1008, French: TJ-1008F

Trus Joist No Red Tag Guarantee
N. America: TJ-1013

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Product Description

  • These panels have a 50-year limited warranty and they can help extend your building season by standing up to harsh weather and providing superior resistance to edge swell.
  • TJI Joists are a key part of the FrameWorks® Floor System. TJI joists resist the bowing, twisting and shrinking that can lead to squeaky floors. TJI joists save on labor because they are lightweight and install quickly.


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