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Whether you’re sizing joists, beams, posts, or studs, Forte software performs load calculations and identifies solutions for the conditions and geometry you input. Size for a specific spacing, member depth, or just the best economical fit.

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Install our newest version of Forte software version 5.2 for designing Trus Joist products…totally FREE!

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Release Notes: English | French
Installation tips:
- Save .exe file locally first and then double-click to install.
- For best results, temporarily disable anti-virus software for the Forte installation process.
Forte software v5.2 will replace the current installation of Forte v5.1.

Supported Microsoft® Operating Systems include: Windows® 10, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 7 and Windows Vista®

See full system requirements here.

What’s new in Forte software

With the newest release of Forte software you can:

    Use the newest Building Codes

  • Design members using the National Building Code of Canada (NBCC) 2015 with reference to CSA O86-14.
  • Define Bracing Lengths

  • Provide the maximum allowable Unbraced Length for both the top and bottom compression edge of a member.
  • Import the Load Placement

  • Include the face of the member (Top, Back Side or Front Side) that each load is applied to when importing jobs from Javelin and other software in order to properly analyze Multiple Member Connections.

  • Has it been a while since you’ve used Forte software? Check out these recent additions:

    Define Multiple Member Connections
  • Choose to include fastener schedules along with member design for attaching member plies of a beam assembly together providing proper support for the loading on the beam. Select from a variety of nails, screws or bolts that are available depending on the applied loading to the member that can be included on the member report.
  • Specify the required building code year

  • Select the building code required to design members in the job using the appropriate load combinations and lateral load considerations. The building code, along with the year (e/g. ‘IBC 2015’), will be included on the member reports.
  • Design members for lateral loading using ASCE 7-10

  • IBC 2012 and IBC 2015 building code options will now reference ASCE 7-10 for lateral design of members for stud, column and header applications. Choose IBC 2009 to use ASCE 7-05 for lateral design.
  • Increase productivity

  • Quickly determine the best solution to use for a member now with additional information about which design accessories are required for each solution in the All Solutions grid on the Solutions Tab. The specific design accessories for the current solution are now also included in the Job Summary grid for more convenience.
  • Reference the member self-weight used for design in the Loads grid on the member report.
  • Integration with Autodesk® Revit®

  • Have you had a chance to check out the Forte connection to Revit! Users modeling and design structures using Revit software will now be able to design Trus Joist® products using the MWF Advanced Revit extension from StrucSoft Solutions. Visit StrucSoft Solutions for more information about this opportunity.

For more details about these features and more check out our Forte Software Training Videos.

Forte users will appreciate:

Graphical User Interface and Intuitive Workflow
Forte is designed to be used right out of the box, with practically no learning curve. Easily identify members by their framing application in the Add Members toolbar.
Balance Cost & Performance with TJ-Pro™ Rating System
Only Weyerhaeuser design software provides comprehensive views into product combinations that can save money, while delivering on your customers’ floor performance expectations. Learn more about the TJ-Pro Rating system.
Loading Assistance for Complex Conditions
With Forte software, loads are easily calculated and applied on one tab using a variety of tools, including automated lateral wind load generation for tall wall members and “Quick Loads” which are templates that can be customized for common situations in your market.
Size Engineered Wood and Dimension Lumber
There is no need to switch to other engineering software to analyze members in the same project that are specified with commodity lumber. You can even size engineered wood and commodity lumber side by side; making it easy to compare design results and select the most effective solution.

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Forte Software Training Videos

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Videos in this playlist:

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  • Forte Software Overview
  • Job Tree
  • Program Settings
  • Materials Manager & Pricing
  • Sizing a Floor Joist
  • Beam and Loads
  • Roof Members
  • Hip and Valley
  • Load Linking
  • Wall Member Design (IBC)
  • Laterally Loaded Wall Headers
  • Columns and Posts
  • Wall Member Design (NBCC)
  • Multiple Member Connections

Open File Exchange: Send Members to Forte for Analysis From Your Software

Learn about the Forte File Format Utility, an interactive guide for developers wanting to export Forte files from their own software applications.
Weyerhaeuser is pleased to provide the Forte File Format Utility to developers looking to export floor, wall and roof members to Forte for analysis. Why remodel spans, supports, and loads in Forte when it may be as simple as right-clicking to send these calculations to Forte, with all the necessary information pre-populated?

Sign up here to be part of the Open File Exchange.

Product Literature

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