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Today's dealers need to supply cost-efficient, structurally superior framing components that deliver on schedule and install quickly. NextPhase® Site Solutions from Weyerhaeuser is designed to help meet those needs with a comprehensive package of structural building products, services, software, fabrication equipment and marketing support. Even better, NextPhase Site Solutions can be customized and scaled to each dealer's capabilities so they can achieve significant business advantages.
To enable that flexibility, NextPhase Site Solutions are defined by three progressive stages: JobPack, Components, and Turnkey. Each level delivers cost and time efficiencies, accurate and reliable product performance, as well as materials prefabrication and optimization. All this means greater profit potential.

NextPhase for the Builder

What’s it worth to shave a few days off the schedule? What’s the cost of a callback? If you understand that value, then you know how critical it is to have the right framing materials on the job when you need them, ready to assemble. That’s where NextPhase Site Solutions comes in.

By integrating a broad range of proven, high-quality Trus Joist products with proprietary design and fabrication software, and industry-leading saws and equipment, your participating dealer delivers cost-efficient, structurally superior floor framing packages ready to load, deliver, and install on schedule.

NextPhase for the Dealer

Today's dealers need to supply cost-efficient, structurally superior, precision-cut framing that delivers on schedule and installs fast.

That’s why NextPhase Site Solutions from Weyerhaeuser meets those needs with a comprehensive package of high-quality Trus Joist products, services, software, fabrication equipment and marketing support, customized and scaled to your capabilities so you can achieve significant business advantages.

NextPhase for the Framer

JobPack framing packages are the first step in transforming your framing processes into a simpler, more cost-efficient routine that helps improve cycle time, structural consistency, and overall profitability. Weyerhaeuser even offers training programs for superintendents and subcontractors, plus the support of trained and knowledgeable field representatives.

Available only through NextPhase producers, these resources enable the delivery of much more than just the sticks and panels of a floor framing package. With NextPhase JobPack framing, you gain the confidence of a better-built house now and long after the owners have moved in.

Product Literature

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