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Stellar Software Training: Information and Schedule


Attend free, one-hour sessions with a specialist. Online webinars are hosted each month by a live trainer shared to your computer over a half-hour GoTo Webinar. Signing up is as easy as entering your name and email address. Join us for one of these informational topics!

Date / Topic Description Register (Times in EST)
March 6th
Inventory Control
Stellar® 4.5 software now includes three extra columns in the Inventory Manager module; Minimum Stocking Level, Maximum Stocking Level, and Warn At Level. When populated correctly, and used in conjunction with the ‘Inventory Position’ optimizer, the user can influence the lengths that the optimizer will use as it creates scenarios. 1pm - Register Now
May 21st
Stellar® 4.5 software provides a variety of reports that may be used to provide the Dealer site operational feedback and history, related to optimizations batches, material lists, drops (offcuts) and waste percentages, inventory, and product usage. Learn more about these reports, and the insight they can provide to the Dealer yard. 1pm - Register Now
Aug 27th
Optimization Control (Inventory Position Focused)
An advanced look into the features and benefits of the new ‘Inventory Position’ Outfeed Optimization available in Stellar® 4.5 software, as compared to the legacy choices. 1pm - Register Now
Dec 2nd
Goal-based Optimization
As operational goals change, Stellar® 4.5 software can be adjusted and used to meet those goals. Depending on the current goal, learn how to adjust how optimization scenarios can be modified to meet or exceed those goals. Goal examples include staging and processing batches faster by simplifying the product mix to cut from, or increasing inventory turns by focusing on available offcut inventory to complete the optimization. 1pm - Register Now

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