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Take the guesswork out of your operations.

Stellar software gives you the information you need to make decisions about when and what to order as well as make the best material and labor optimization decisions. From creating an optimized shipping list with jobsite cutting instructions to instructions for automated cutting equipment producing precision-cut framing packages as part of the NextPhase Site Solutions program, Stellar software easily scales to the needs of your business.

Operations Problems: Solved.

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Plug Profit Leaks

Almost every decision we make should improve profitability. Identify and stop profit leaks in your operations by using Stellar software to better manage material and labor.

Stellar Software is for dealers who want to:

  • Use static inventory levels or track perpetual inventory
  • Create an optimized shipping list with jobsite cutting instructions or create manual cutting instructions for operations personnel
  • Produce precision-cut framing packages as part of the NextPhase Site Solutions program using either our semi-automated or automated cutting solution
  • Establish a process for your team to follow – ensuring your business rules are followed in the management of your Trus Joist products

Dealers benefit from using Stellar Software

  • Greater visibility into your Trus Joist engineered lumber business
  • Reduced inventory carrying costs
  • Minimize material waste
  • More efficient operations personnel
  • Flexibility to meet the changing needs of your business

For Dealers using NextPhase

Dealers who are participating in the NextPhase Site Solutions offering can take advantage of Weyerhaeuser's Stellar software package. Stellar helps a dealer manage their material handling and fabrication operations. It is seamlessly integrated with other Weyerhaeuser software packages, such as Javelin® design software, to make their business run more efficiently.

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NextPhase Site Solutions is customized and scaled to each dealer’s capabilities so they can achieve significant business advantages.
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