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The balance between predictable floor performance and costs.

Every new homeowner wants a floor that feels solid underfoot. The TJ-Pro Ratings System gives you the best method for delivering predictable floor performance. The TJ-Pro Ratings system allows builders to dial in floor feel by evaluating the combined effects of TJI® joists, spacing, floor decking, and the method of attachment, leading to a floor that feels perfect to each homeowner.

Floors built using the TJ-Pro Ratings System can meet or exceed your buyer's expectations and actually cost less than what you've been building. That's because TJ-Pro Ratings analyzes every TJI joist and panel in the structure to achieve the desired performance with the most efficient use of material. Once you find that balance, the TJ-Pro Ratings System can be applied to all of your house plans to ensure predictable results every time. With TJ Pro Ratings, you're in charge and can adjust any component spec to move the rating needle up or down to deliver better performance or cost-efficiency, whatever the situation or the customer calls for.

How it Works


TJ-Pro™ Ratings take the guesswork out of achieving an ideal balance between performance and cost. It automatically calculates every performance factor—including TJI® joist depth, span, spacing, and the type and thickness of the subfloor—to determine the materials you need and help maintain your budget.

TJ-Pro™ Rating Advantages

  • Provides a method for predicting floor performance
  • Takes perceptions of the homeowner into account
  • Provides cost comparison
  • Ratings are featured in Forte® and Javalin® Software

Unique Variables, Opportunities and Goals Affect Performance and Cost


TJ Pro Ratings in Forte® Software

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Live load defection analysis is not the only factor that affects how a floor will perform. To more accurately predict floor performance, please use our Forte® design software. Forte software performs load calculations and identifies solutions for the conditions and geometry you input. Download Forte now for free.

Product Literature

Technical Resource Sheets

Floor Performance Issues and How They Relate to TJ Pro Ratings
N. America: TB-104

Use of Proprietary Sheathing Fasteners with Trus Joist Engineered Wood Products
N. America: TB-929

Product Overviews

Floor Performance and TJ-Pro Ratings
N. America: SVC-4005

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