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Delivering what we promise… and what you need

When deadlines are tight and business is highly competitive, having the right relationships with people you can count on makes all the difference. The Weyerhaeuser Connections Program is designed to encourage a closer, more effective link between you and your Weyerhaeuser associates. Rooted in core business values, Weyerhaeuser Connections opens a whole new world of growth and opportunity for your business.

Weyerhaeuser Connections was created to focus Weyerhaeuser's combined resources to improve reliability and simplify business through:
  • Weyerhaeuser and associated third-party products and integrated resources
  • Nationwide distribution network, providing:
  • Expedited out-of-warehouse shipments
  • Inventory replenishment planning
  • Mill-direct shipments
  • Availability to committed programs of lumber, sheathing, and entry-level flooring*
  • Operations support for NextPhase offerings
*(Regional and volume limits may apply.)