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Weyerhaeuser for Specifiers

Weyerhaeuser for Specifiers

Beautiful by design. Whether designing to achieve maximum performance for the best value in “spec” homes or to accommodate the unique challenges of custom homes, we have the tools and resources to ensure your vision takes form and is delivered in a beautifully designed structure.

From lumber to OSB to Trus Joist engineered wood products, Weyerhaeuser has the products to meet every structural complexity or requirement. By optimizing material combinations intended to work together, you can create beautiful design solutions with superior performance and minimal waste.

Our software tools give you the design flexibility to meet the engineering demands of wide-open spaces, complicated roof lines, or tall walls full of windows while still meeting aesthetic expectations. We can even help predict how a floor will feel and perform.

When faced with questions about loads, design calculations, or specific technical information, you have access to the best engineering support available.

With local support teams available to answer questions and solve problems throughout the building process, the accuracy and efficiency you planned during the design phase will deliver the sound structural performance homeowners expect.

Specifier Testimonials

Thanks for being there, and thanks to your company for having the ingenuity to provide these products.
California architect
By working with Weyerhaeuser, we’re helping ensure that homeowners have even greater satisfaction and faster occupancy of their new home.
Northwest design firm