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Flak Jacket® Fire Protection

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TJI® joist, the number one brand in the industry, is available with a new fire-resistant solution called TJI® Joists with Flak Jacket® protection. Flak Jacket protection is a proprietary, patent-pending coating that enhances the fire resistance of TJI Joists and enables them to meet both single and multi-family fire protection code requirements. Flak Jacket protection helps solve the challenge of shifting code requirements while providing all the quality and cost-efficiency you expect of Trus Joist engineered lumber products.

Achieve a one-hour fire-rated assembly with just a single layer of gypsum and no expensive mineral wool. New TJI Joists with Flak Jacket® protection save you time, maximize labor, reduce costs and complexity, and enable faster, more efficient construction.

Like all TJI Joists, no special tools, training or handling are required; you can cut and drill the joists as usual and use standard hangers for quick and smooth installation. TJI Joists with Flak Jacket® protection deliver Weyerhaeuser quality and reliability backed by our service and support.

Flak Jacket product availability varies by market. Please contact your Trus Joist Territory Manager
to purchase Flak Jacket in your market.

At a Glance – Flak Jacket® Benefits:

  • Ensure effective fire protection using existing designs and procedures
  • Faster, more efficient solution to achieve fire safety requirements
  • Easily drilled and cut for plumbing and ductwork
  • Customizable, predictable floor performance with TJ-Pro™ Rating
  • Includes the security of the TJI limited lifetime product warranty
  • Available in multiple series and depths
  • Simplify construction of multi-family structures

Flak Jacket® in Action

Product Literature

Design & Specification

Specifier’s Guide for TJI 110, 210, 230, 360, and 560 Joists
United States: TJ-4000 | W. Canada: TJ-4500

Fire-Rated Assemblies and Sprinkler Systems
N. America: 1500

Technical Resource Sheet

Sound Performance of Trus Joist TJI Joist Fire-Rated Floor Assemblies
N. America: TJ-4035

Installation Guides

Installation Guide for Floor and Roof Framing with TJI 110, 210, 230, 360 and 560 Joists
N. America: TJ-9001, Spanish: TJ-9001S

Product Overviews

Product Overview: TJI Joists with Flak Jacket® Protection
United States: TJ-4032 | Canada: TJ-4532

Floor Performance and TJ-Pro Ratings
N. America: SVC-4005

Flak Jacket® FAQ
N. America: FJ-FAQ


Trus Joist TJI Joist Warranty
N. America: TJ-1006, French: TJ-1006F

Trus Joist No Red Tag Guarantee
N. America: TJ-1013

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