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Industrial Applications

TimberStrand® LSL Core: Stiff, Straight and Strong.

For years, architects have turned to structural composite lumber for its superior strength and stability. Using our engineered materials, builders reduce or eliminate construction problems caused by twisting, splitting, or wane.

TimberStrand® laminated strand lumber (LSL) brings these same structural benefits to architectural wood doors and windows, providing a quality that cannot be matched by the shop-grade lumber traditionally used in millwork. TimberStrand® LSL is free of knots or other defects than can cause warp in traditional lumber.

Its strength and dimensional stability makes TimberStrand® LSL a superior core material for doors, windows, and other millwork products.

The Ultimate Core

Consistent quality and uniformity make TimberStrand® LSL the ideal core to specify in non-rated and 20-minute-rated wood doors for institutional buildings such as hospitals, schools, government offices and correctional facilities. It provides the stability of particleboard, and with better screwholding and bending properties than stave lumber core, it eliminates the need for unsightly through-bolts or costly inner blocking.

Stronger Stiles

The hinge-loading and split-resistant properties of TimberStrand® LSL meet or exceed those of traditional laminated stiles. Our patented manufacturing process minimizes characteristics like knots and splits so the finished product is not only strong, but resists bowing, twisting, and shrinking as well.

Straighter Rails

TimberStrand® LSL is free of knots or other inconsistencies that can cause traditional wood doors to warp. And because it is solid, TimberStrand® LSL can be machined for concealed hardware.

One-Stop Shopping

Unlike our competitors, we provide rails, cores, stile backers, and laminated stiles — all from the same location.

Just-In-Time Delivery

Delivery of TimberStrand® LSL components takes days — not weeks.

Industry Leader

TimberStrand® LSL is recognized by the Window and Door Manufacturers’ Association (WDMA) IS1-A and approved to the Architectural Woodwork Institute Quality Standards (v.7).

Resource Efficient

TimberStrand® LSL breaks new ground by using aspen trees — a resource that, in the past,
was considered unusable for these types of applications. In addition, the wood procurement
operation at our Kenora, Ontario manufacturing plant is independently certified to the
Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) Standard and conforms to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard.
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