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TimberStrand LSL Headers

TimberStrand® LSL Headers are designed for short span applications.

Instead of crews wasting time cobbling together headers, they can quickly install this affordable engineered lumber option. Our TimberStrand LSL headers reduce installation time and provide a one-piece solution for residential door and window openings. They’re stable so they cut down on callbacks to fix sheetrock cracks, and they’re available in pre-cut lengths to minimize jobsite waste and extra labor.

A good value that can now accommodate larger holes.

Our TimberStrand® LSL Beam is designed to reduce installation time and provide a one-piece solution for a variety of residential applications in floors and roofs. Now you can drill larger holes up to a 4 5/8″ hole in our 14″ beam, without worrying about its structural integrity. Because they’re strong and stable they help reduce jobsite material and labor costs by allowing contractors to go through them instead of around. The TimberStrand LSL beam is competitively priced to provide an affordable engineered lumber option.

Product Literature

Design & Specification

Specifier’s Guide for Trus Joist Beams, Headers, and Columns
United States (except California): TJ-9000 | California: TJ-9020 | W. Canada: TJ-9505 | E. Canada: TJ-9500, French: TJ-9500F

Specifier’s Guide for Walls
United States (except CA, NV, AZ): TJ-9003 | CA, NV, AZ only: TJ-9004

Technical Resource Sheets

Preservative Treatments Approved for Trus Joist Engineered Wood Products
N. America: TJ-1020

Product Overviews

TimberStrand LSL Headers
N. America: TJ-8009

TimberStrand LSL Zone Framing
N. America: TJ-8006

Tall Walls with TimberStrand LSL and Parallam PSL
N. America: TJ-9002 | French: TJ-9002F


Trus Joist TimberStrand LSL Warranty
N. America: TJ-1008, French: TJ-1008F

Trus Joist No Red Tag Guarantee
N. America: TJ-1013

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