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Timberstrand LSL Beams
TimberStrand® LSL Beams

Reduce installation time and provide a one-piece solution for a variety of beam applications.


TimberStrand® LSL Headers

Look no further for an easy, quick and affordable solution for quality door and window openings.


TimberStrand Rim Board Application
TimberStrand® LSL Rim Board

An important component of the TJI joist a high-performance floor nobody can match.


TimberStrand® LSL Framing

Cut down on callbacks. Cabinets and countertops that install flush without shims.


TimberStrand® LSL Sill Plates

Our StrandGuard® treatment eliminates field treatment when drilling for anchors.


TimberStrand® LSL Tall Walls

Remove the guesswork. Build tall walls over 10′ that will be strong, stable, and straight.



About TimberStrand® LSL

Engineered for consistent performance, TimberStrand® Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL) starts straight and stays straight. As a result, it is one of the most innovative and versatile building products available, a suitable solution for a diverse range of applications: Strong and stable for tall walls over 10 feet; a single-piece solution for beams; straight and fast for rim boards; hassle-free and warranted for sill plates; affordable and fast for headers. And so much more.

TimberStrand LSL is a green building solution as well. The manufacturing process combines technology and innovation to produce high-performing engineered lumber using small-diameter trees that are not strong or straight enough to be of structural value as conventional sawn lumber products.

No matter what the situation, TimberStrand LSL has a solution for your framing challenges. Choose any one of our products above to learn more.