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Timberstrand LSL Beams
TimberStrand® LSL Beams

Reduce installation time and provide a one-piece solution for a variety of beam applications.


TimberStrand® LSL Headers

Look no further for an easy, quick and affordable solution for quality door and window openings.


TimberStrand Rim Board Application
TimberStrand® LSL Rim Board

An important component of the TJI joist a high-performance floor nobody can match.


TimberStrand® LSL Framing

Cut down on callbacks. Cabinets and countertops that install flush without shims.


TimberStrand® LSL Sill Plates

Our StrandGuard® treatment eliminates field treatment when drilling for anchors.


TimberStrand® LSL Tall Walls

Remove the guesswork. Build tall walls over 10′ that will be strong, stable, and straight.



About TimberStrand® LSL

TimberStrand® Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL) is one of the most innovative and versatile building products available. It is used to make solutions for applications such as rim board, headers, beams, columns, wall framing, sill plates, and stair stringers.

Not only that, but TimberStrand LSL a green building solution as well. The manufacturing process combines technology and innovation to produce high-performing engineered lumber that uses small-diameter trees that are not strong or straight enough to be of structural value as conventional sawn lumber products.

No matter what the situation, TimberStrand LSL has a solution for your framing challenges. Choose any one of our products above to learn more.